Maureen McDole

Poet, Writer, and Speaker

Founder and CEO of Keep St. Pete Lit

Maureen McDole was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is a direct descendant of carnies, carpenters and fishermen. This do-it-yourself ethos in her DNA infuses every area of her life. As far back as she can remember she loved to write. 

She is the author of three books of poems, Exploring My Options (2006), Longing for the Deep End (2011), and Feast (2021). She has an English B.A., with Literary Studies Concentration from University of South Florida and a Certificate in Arts & Culture Strategy from University of Pennsylvania.  

Her poetry has been set in a variety of different ways including: film, dance, spoken word, art installations, Sprechstimme, and traditional vocal works. 

Her monthly column Life in Poetry is featured in The Artisan Magazine, where she also the literature editor. She is the recipient of St. Petersburg Art Alliance’s 2016 MUSE Award for Literary Arts. She also hosts a weekly podcast called The Write Life.

Maureen has been leading workshops and speaking about creativity and leadership for over 20 years. She founded the literary arts organization, Keep St. Pete Lit, because she believes wholeheartedly in the power of literature to change the world.